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Language requirements

Language requirements for exchange students:


Exchange students who would like to follow courses in German should have a level of B2 in German.


Exchange students from our partner institutions with a good proficiency in English are welcome to our special programme in the summer semester!


Regular degree students:


As our students are supposed to do teaching practise from the beginning of their studies we expect an excellent proficiency of German.


Applicants are supposed to have passed one of the following language tests:


  • DSH II
  • Test DAF with grade 4 in each skill
  • Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung
  • Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom


If you don't speak German do not apply as a regular degree student!


How to improve your German


On the internethttp://dw-world.de ( > German Courses > Learning German > Deutsch interaktiv)


In our library: Interactive learning software 'Studio d'


In our computer pool EDV 2: Interactive learning software Besser Deutsch sprechen . The software will help you

  • to train your pronunciation
  • to improve your grammar
  • to look up the forms of German verbs
  • to listen to more than 22.000 examples and to repeat them 



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