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Fictional Video Cases on Parent-Teacher Conversations: Authenticity in the Eyes of Teachers and Teacher Education Students

Video based instructional approaches have become very popular in teacher education. In this context, fictional video cases (FVCs) are a promising format because they can make discrete situations (e.g. parent–teacher conversations) accessible for learners. In their article on "Fictional Video Cases on Parent-Teacher Conversation" published in Educational Science Mengsi Deng ( TUM School of Education), Gernot Aich (University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd), Cafer Bakaç (TUM School of Management) & Martin Gartmeier (TUM School of Medicine) critically discuss the concept of authenticity of FVCs with respect to their use for didactic purposes with student and in-service teachers. In an empirical study, they examine the authenticity of a specific pair of contrasting FVCs on teacher-parent communication (showing constructive vs. confrontative communication by the teacher). The FVCs were viewed by teachers and teacher-education students who rated the material regarding its authenticity. The results were that the authenticity of the two video versions was evaluated as “medium”, as was the authenticity of the characters. Moreover, the teachers evaluated the video cases as more authentic compared to the teacher education students. Given that existing studies show that the FVCs in focus here were successfully used in instructional contexts, the authors conclude that it is possible to create meaningful and effective didactic environments featuring FVCs with a medium level of authenticity.

Published in: Educational Science2020, 10(3), 63,