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In the self-control and self-regulation maze: Integration and importance

Self-control and self-regulation can be seen as core aspects of adaptive human behavior, which are studied, largely in parallel, in the field of social, health, personality, cognitive, and developmental psychology. This review tries to firstly bring and review the different research directions together and shows the importance of self-control and self-regulation for present and future success in life by focusing on the marshmallow experiment, different self-control and self-regulation measurements like trait and state self-control, executive functions, heart rate variability, personality, and theories which combine control capacity and control motivation to predict self-control. Moreover, also the associations between different self-control and self-regulation variables are in the focus of this review.

Groß, D. (2021). In the self-control and self-regulation maze: Integration and importance. Personality and Individual Differences, 175, 110728.

Cover Personality and Individual Differences