Courses taught in English

All courses in our English department are held in English. Additionally, during the second semester, there is a wide range of other courses taught in English.
First semester: English department (Literature, Linguistics, Area Studies, TESL)
Second semester: English department (Literature, Linguistics, Area Studies, TESL), Intercultural Studies, Education, Teaching Methodologies.

Early Childhood Education and Primary Education students:

Our Early Childhood Education department is offering a 30 ECTS programme “Exploring the World: Play, Culture, and Family in Early Childhood Education” which is taught in English (second semester only). A complete course schedule of this programme can be found in the download box on this site.

German Cultural Studies:

We offer a course “German Cultural Studies” for all international students, which is taught in German (first semester) or English (second semester). This mandatory 3 ECTS course includes the orientation week at the beginning of the semester and lectures and a variety of cultural activities and field trips (at no extra costs!) during the semester.

German language course:

On-going courses during the semester free of charge: beginners level A1 (only second semester) and different advanced levels.

Practice teaching:

Observation in nurseries and school classes of all age groups; opportunities to teach different subjects actively in grades 1 – 4 or 5 – 9/10; recommended language skills for actively teaching: C1.
Practice teaching in English is also possible, especially in secondary schools. For further information please contact the International Office

Language requirements:

International students with a good command of German (minimum B2 level) are welcome to attend any offered courses during first and second semester. Students without fluency in German but a good command of English (at least B2) can attend all of our English-taught classes.