ECTS - European Credit Transfer System

On this page you can find some basic information on ECTS and study opportunities for international exchange students.

Furthermore, you can also obtain the student application form for international exchange students.

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ECTS – the European Credit Transfer System - was devised by the European Commission to guarantee the acceptance of study qualifications acquired in the European Union through a universally valid procedure. It is a system in which study qualifications are assessed, compared and made transferable from one institution to another. In addition, it is designed to provide a greater degree of transparency, liability and flexibility in the organisation and handling of study abroad.

The University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd has agreed to participate in ECTS within the framework of ERASMUS+ programme.

This arrangement enables ECTS students to check with their home university, before taking up their studies abroad, concerning how many courses they have to take at the host university and how their study qualifications will be accepted by their home university upon their return. To ensure this, a Learning Agreement is made between the individual and their home university. Before returning home, ECTS students receive a Transcript of Records that contains the courses and exams passed while abroad.

To guarantee acceptance of your study qualifications by your home university, we utilize ECTS points: these provide a measure of your work for a particular course in relation to the total workload for an academic year at a university. 60 ECTS points are necessary for the successful completion of one academic year, and respectively 30 ECTS points for one semester.

ECTS points provide information about the average workload, but not about the individual success. Therefore, the Transcript of Records has to contain a grade. According to the ECTS rules, the home institution has to fully accept the credits achieved at the partner institution if the seminars fit into the student’s curriculum at home. Therefore, we advise you to check with your home institution regarding which courses will be accepted – and how.


Study Opportunities for ECTS Students

At the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, ECTS students have a free choice of courses, e.g. they can choose any combination of subjects and courses. Nevertheless, it is advised to check with the home university and the ECTS Coordinator at the PH Gmünd first. The actual PH Gmünd course programme can be viewed and downloaded under “Vorlesungsverzeichnisse
Please notice that – apart from the English department – our institution is only offering courses in German at the moment.

Using this information you can, even before your departure, prepare your Learning Agreement, which will then be signed by your home university and the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd. This will form the contract for your study programme abroad. At the end of your studies at the PH Schwäbisch Gmünd your work will be assessed and graded; the ECTS coordinator will convert the grades into ECTS points and transfer them onto the Transcript of Records. This procedure will ensure the acceptance of your study qualifications achieved at the PH Gmünd by your home university.

For further information concerning ECTS and the acceptance of coursework, as well as the signing of a Learning Agreement, please contact:

Dr. Monika Becker

Room: A 116
Tel.: +49 7171 983-225
E-mail: monika.becker(at)