Doctorate (Dr. paed. and Dr. phil.)

The University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd is entitled to award doctorates in the field of education science and in the field of subject-specific teaching methodology at school level. It awards the degree of Doctor of Education Sciences (Dr. paed.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.).

Prerequisites for approval for commencing a doctorate
(excerpt from Section 4 of the valid Doctorate Regulation):

(1) Approval for commencing a doctorate may generally be issued to persons who have successfully completed

  1. a Master's course or
  2. a study course at a university, a university of education, a college of art or a college of music featuring a standard period of study of at least four years or
  3. a postgraduate study course at a university, a university of education or another higher education institution that is entitled to award doctorates

    and who have attained an above-average examination result.
  4. Graduates from Bachelor's and state examination study courses that are not categorised according to Section 4 para. 1 no. 1 to 3 may still be granted approval provided that these individuals are particularly well-qualified and that they have successfully completed an aptitude assessment procedure. This involves attaining a total of up to 60 credit points for academic achievements, normally within a period of two years. The number of credit points to be attained must be defined such that it is equivalent to an eight-semester study course. The achievements must be recorded in areas defined by the assigned supervisor that are necessary for academic qualification in the desired subject area. The planned studies must be provided with a credit point calculation and submitted to the faculty, which will make a decision concerning the achievements that need to be attained in the aptitude assessment procedure. Conditional enrolment is possible for the purpose of attaining the achievements in the aptitude assessment procedure.
  5. Graduates from German 'Diplom'-level study courses at Universities of Applied Sciences and Cooperative Universities (formerly known as Vocational Academies) may be approved for a doctorate provided that these individuals are particularly well-qualified and that their training and education is directly related to their intended dissertation project. The responsible faculty board, potentially also featuring the assigned supervisor in an advisory role, will assess the achievements attained by the individual during their degree and the proximity of these achievements to the respective subject. No. 4 shall apply accordingly in other respects.

The grades 'excellent' and 'good' are considered above-average results. On the basis of a corresponding expert statement provided by a university teacher or an external lecturer at the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, the faculty may approve exceptions to the requirement relating to above-average examination results. For more information on commencing a doctorate, see our Doctorate Regulation (available to download in German on the right).