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Convention for doctoral students

The convention for doctoral students was founded at an inaugural meeting held at the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd in November 2014. The convention meets at least once per semester, discussing issues relating to doctorates and representing the needs and interests of doctoral students. The convention may submit assessments and recommendations to the Senate via the elected representatives if required.

Although the meetings are generally open to all doctoral students and interested parties, participation in official votes shall be restricted to doctoral candidates who have already registered.

Contact persons

Jörg Ostertag, M.A. (Faculty I)
E-mail: promovierendenkonvent(at)

Deputy Spokesperson
Hanna Hofmann
(M.Sc. Health Promotion) (Faculty I)
E-mail: promovierendenkonvent(at)

The latest information on the convention for doctoral students is also available on the notice board at the Office of the Vice-President for Research (building A, first floor).