Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is a collective academic institution run by the six Universities for Education in Baden-Württemberg. The central aim of the Graduate Academy is to promote the development of skills among junior academics at the Universities of Education, along with the directly related goal of promoting academic careers in the field of education research. It therefore provides a qualification programme that spans multiple universities and German federal states, promoting further/advanced education and networking on an interdisciplinary level.

The qualification programme run by the Graduate Academy consists of cross-university and local programmes. The cross-university events provided by the Graduate Academy include the following highlights:

  • 'Future forum for education research', the junior symposium run by the Graduate Academy.
    Annual conference in late autumn. The conference has a thematic focus and is open to a wider specialist audience.
  • Winter academy:
    Annual event spanning several days and featuring qualification programmes, with a particular focus on research methods, cross-sector skills and key skills.
  • Summer academy:
    Annual qualification event addressing a specific topic via a programme of workshops.

The administrative office is based at the University of Education Karlsruhe. The Graduate Academy is led by Prof. Gabriele Weigand, Vice-President for Research and Young Researchers at the University of Education Karlsruhe. Academic Officer Juliane Zeiser is the main contact person for all issues relating to the Graduate Academy.

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